Friday January 1, 2021
12:00 NOON

bowling tournament

  1. This is a SINGLES TOURNAMENT held in two divisions:
    A Division – 170 average and above;
    B Division – 169 average and below. USBC CERTIFIED – all participants must hold a current membership card, an affiliation card or purchase a participation card.
  2. This is a handicap event. Handicap for both divisions is 100% of 210.
  3. Averages will be determined by:
    Highest current Cedar Bowl league averages of 21 games or more as of 12-20-19
    B. Highest current league average of 21 games or more as of 12-20-19
    C. 2018-2019 book average (for bowlers who do not have a current league average).
    Participants who report incorrect averages will be disqualified. (USBC rule #319a). It is the bowlers responsibility to verify his/her own average. Rules 319d & e will be waived.
  4.  Bowlers without averages under rule #3 will be assigned the following averages:
    Men – 185
    Women – 155
  5. The 8 games will be bowled across 10 lanes ( more if needed). Bowlers will move one pair of lanes to the right after each game. (Exam: Lanes 9 & 10 to 1 & 2)
  6. Practice will be limited to 5 minutes on each lane prior to the start of the first game.
  7. No entry fee will be returned. Prize money will be distributed 100% on a 1 in 3 ratio.
  8. Participation and competition for sidepots, if any, is allowed.
  9. Any rule or incident not covered in the rules shall be governed by USBC tournament rules.
  10. CHECK IN TIME @ 11:30 am, Jan 1st, 2021. Please be on time!

Submit Entry at Front Desk or (435-559-0431) by Dec 28th, 2020 @ 8pm

Cedar Bowling Center
421 E Hwy 91
Cedar City, Ut 84721

A one time Participation fee $10 paid to Iron Co Assoc. bowlers from other Associations. Good June 1, ’20 – May 31, ’21

Download our information flyer by clicking here.